Collection: Vital 3 Joint Solution® - Clinically Proven to Promote Joint Health*

Vital 3 Joint Solution from Bronson is a safe, clinically proven, natural liquid nutritional supplement specifically designed to help improve joint flexibility and mobility without pills, injections, side effects or drug interactions. In just three quickly absorbed Vital 3 drops per day, biologically active fragments of Collagen Type II-n1 are quickly delivered where needed. These unique proteins in Vital 3 Joint Solution are designed to help support your body’s own natural healthy joint repair processes. More than $45 million was spent developing Vital 3 for people with joint discomfort. Prominent rheumatologists with major university affiliations ran safety, pilot, dosing, and efficacy studies, following the FDA's Good Clinical Practice Guidelines. Read the details of one human clinical trial that studied Vital 3.

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