The Top Five Health Benefits of CoQ10

CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant that helps convert food into vibrant energy.

If the body doesn’t have appropriate levels of CoQ10, it may more susceptible to premature aging, high blood pressure, digestive issues, fluctuating blood sugar and problems with oral and gum health. CoQ10 100 mg supplements taken once daily can help reverse CoQ10 depletion and restore healthy levels in the body.

The Benefits Of Coq10 May Include the Following:

  1. Cardio Health Support: CoQ10 supplements are best known to help benefit the cardiovascular system and support healthy heart function.
  2. Helps Increase Energy: Today’s active adult needs lots of energy to get through long days of work, family and play. CoQ10 supports energy metabolism in the body.
  3. Sharper Cognitive Function: Energy provided by CoQ10 also positively affects the brain. Mental alertness and clarity are important for all aspects of life.
  4. Free Radical Protection: CoQ10 100mg supplements help protect against harmful free radicals and helps boost regeneration of healthy cells -- even for skin.  
  5. Helps with Coq10 Loss from Statins: Individuals who take statin medications may be particularly vulnerable to depleted levels of CoQ10. Supplements can help make up for this loss, but are not meant to replace statin therapy.

The benefits of CoQ10 are vast. Energize and protect your body with Bronson’s easy to swallow softgel CoQ10 100 mg supplements. Bronson Vitamins has several varieties of CoQ10 products for your individual needs. Quality vitamins and supplements can be ordered online or by calling 1-800-235-3200 today.

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