Krill Oil Supplements vs. Fish Oil Supplements: What’s the Difference?

Krill Oil Supplements vs. Fish Oil Supplements: What’s the Difference?

Krill Oil Supplements vs. Fish Oil Supplements: What’s the Difference?

Omega-3 fatty acids such as DHA and EPA are essential to our well being, but our bodies cannot produce them on their own. Therefore, it’s recommended that we eat fatty, low-mercury fish at least twice per week. Given the fast pace of our daily lives, it can be difficult to work salmon, sardines and other seafood into our diet. But the health benefits of fatty acids found in certain fish are far too large to ignore. Omega 3s have been shown to help maintain cardiovascular, heart and cognitive health, aid with the reduction of inflammation and rheumatic diseases and more.*


The Benefits of Krill Oil

Many people take fish oil supplements to reap these health benefits, but there has been a lot of buzz on the benefits of krill oil, too. Krill are tiny shrimplike crustaceans commonly eaten by larger sea animals such as whales. Both fish and krill derive from the sea, so when it comes to supplements what’s the difference?

Fish oil and krill oil supplements contain the same heart-friendly omega-3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA. However, krill’s structural differences promote better fatty acid absorption and delivery when consumed. Additionally, krill oil contains naturally occurring Astaxanthin, a highly potent antioxidant that works to protect against disease causing free radicals. Astaxanthin also reduces susceptibility to oxidation, which can weaken a supplement’s beneficial properties.

Combine Astaxanthin with Vitamins E, A, and D found in krill oil and you’ve got a potent protector against inflammation, UV-induced skin damage, symptoms of PMS and more. Krill oil has also been known to enhance mood, concentration and focus.

Like fish oil, the benefits of krill oil are vast, but on the whole, krill oil delivers a higher absorption of omega-3s. These little wonders also pack a greater antioxidant punch. Be sure to choose sustainably harvested krill oil supplements from the pure waters of Antarctica, such as Bronson’s Azantis® Premium Krill Oil or Bronson’s Krill Oil 500mg. Either way, you’ll be receiving contaminant-free, pristine krill that’s filled with revitalizing health benefits. Accompany krill oil with a balanced diet and exercise and you’ll be “in the pink!”

Ever wonder why aquatic life such as krill, salmon, shrimp and lobster are pink? Astaxanthin is stored in their bodies and produces this rich pink color.

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